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Welcome to Leanr To Play Piano

Welcome to learn to play piano

It's never to late to learn to play an instrument.  At Learn To Play Piano we provide customized in-home private piano and ukulele music lessons.  More than just lessons...we bring the music to you.   Lessons are designed specifically for the individual, their musical level and desire.  Lessons are provided by piano teacher Susan Stearns with over 34 years of piano, ukulele and music teaching experience.  There is no right age in which to start music lessons and we cater to students of all ages.  Susan Stearns has experience with beginning students and the ability to help intermediate and advanced students in their continued discovery of music.

Private Piano & Ukulele Lessons

Besides teaching private piano lessons, Susan Stearns is an accomplished ukulele player and with the resurgence of the ukulele in recent years, has helped students young and old alike enjoy to play this marvelous little instrument.

Why Music Is Important

  • Music lifts up your soul and releases it 
  • Music is what moves everyone, and without  it, life would be pointless 
  • Student listening skills are also improved through music education. The top three schools in America all place a great emphasis on music and the arts
  • Music is important because it helps you express yourself in ways that you can’t with normal talking
  • Music is just plain fun!